Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Welcome to Dr Menglu Wang, Postdoctoral Fellow

Welcome to Dr Menglu Wang who joined HKU Faculty of Law to be the postdoctoral fellow, under the RGC Senior Research Fellow Scheme (SRFS) project “Digital Finance, Financial Inclusion and Sustainability: Building Better Financial Systems”.
    Dr Menglu Wang is a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Law, the University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include the development and regulation of financial technology (Fintech), with a particular focus on comparative law and Chinese issues. During the postdoctoral period, Menglu will conduct in-depth research on supervisory and regulatory issues relating to digital finance and sustainable development in major Fintech jurisdictions.
     Menglu received her Doctor of Philosophy in Laws from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and participated in several research projects during her PhD. She holds a master’s degree (with distinction) from the University of Sydney Business School, specializing in finance and business law. Menglu passed the national judicial examination in China and obtained the legal professional qualification certificate.  Her research areas include:
  • Commercial Corporate and Financial Law
  • Comparative Chinese Law
  • Information Technology

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