Saturday, August 31, 2019

Weixia Gu Elected Associate Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law (IACL)

Congratulations to Dr Gu Weixia who has been elected an Associate Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law (IACL)!  Founded at The Hague in 1924, IACL is a prestigious body of scholars that aims at “the comparative study of legal systems”.  It has currently more than 700 members throughout the world.  According to its Statutes, the IACL is composed of Titular Members and Associate Members. They are elected annually by all preceding members. The members consist of respected academics and judges of courts of supreme and international jurisdiction. Titular Members are more senior scholars. Information about the IACL and membership can be found here.  In 2019, 62 new members were elected from around the world including Professor Tom Ginsburg of Chicago Law School.  Dr Gu was one of the four newly elected members from China, which also included Dr Cheng Jie of UBC law school. 

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