Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Hong Kong Magistrates Appointed

Congratulations to the 16 Permanent Magistrates and 5 Special Magistrates appointed today by the Chief Executive on the recommendation of the Judicial Officers Recommendation Commission.  We are honoured to see that 11 of new appointed magistrates are graduates of our Faculty.  They include Ms Debbie Ng Chung-yee (PCLL 1998; LLM 2007),  Ms Veronica Heung Shuk-han (PCLL 2001), Ms Doris To Kit-ling (PCLL 1995), Ms Kelly Shui (LLB 1991; PCLL 1992), Ms Catherine Cheng Kam-lin (BA 1985; LLB 1991; PCLL 1992), Mr. Kenneth Chan Ping-chau (PCLL 2004), Mr. Lee Siu-ho (LLB 1991; PCLL 1992), Ms Peony Wong Nga-yan (LLB 1996; PCLL 1997), Mr. Colin Wong Sze-cheung (PCLL 1999), Mr. Andrew Mok Tze-chung (PCLL 2007), and Mr. Yu Chung-pong (LLB 2002; PCLL 2003).


  1. Your great alumni Debbie Ng Chung-yee just released one of the absolute worst verdicts of all time. The cyclist who lost his life and the driver that has to pay HKD4500. Even a retarded monkey could make a better decision. I would be embarrassed to associate my program with her. She is a disgrace to every judge in Hong Kong and the world.

  2. Debbie Ng Chung-yee decided to overlook the facts as well as the defendant's long history of speeding and illegal driving when she blamed the victim who was obeying all traffic laws when he was killed. We are told never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity, but how bad must the HKU law programme be to turn out such a specimen of incompetence?