Monday, December 15, 2014

Davis on Post Occupy (SCMP 16 Dec 2014)

"Post Occupy, will the Government Speak for the Hong Kong People?"
South China Morning Post
16 December 2014
Michael Davis
Looking out at "Umbrella Square" the morning after the clearance, with cars humming by and workers scraping the last remnants of the yellow stickers off the adjoining government buildings, one may ask: how significant was this Occupy protest and, what next?  This was the place where the best of Hong Kong youth spoke truth to power and where they built a city on the paved highway. Last Thursday, power spoke back as the Hong Kong government hauled away our youthful leaders, several elected legislators, the father of our democracy movement and even a leading pro-democracy publisher.  The humming of the passing cars and the ordinariness of the now cleared streets may lull Hong Kong's leading officials into complacency, thinking they have solved the problem. They would be wrong.  Click here to read the full article.

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