Friday, December 5, 2014

Tai: What Next for Hong Kong?

"What Next for Hong Kong?"
International New York Times
4 December 2014
Benny Tai
The peaceful protesters occupying the streets of Hong Kong for more than two months have been surprisingly persistent in their pursuit of genuine universal suffrage. It is welcome news that some student leaders are considering bringing the occupation to an end. They are exhausted and have been unwilling to go home without substantial concessions from the Hong Kong and Beijing governments...The Umbrella Generation must regroup and devise a new strategy for winning the support from those Hong Kongers who are still undecided about our democratic future...Blocking government may be even more powerful than blocking roads. Refusal to pay taxes, delaying rent payments by tenants in public housing estates and filibustering in the Legislative Council, along with other such acts of noncooperation, could make governing more inconvenient. No government can govern effectively if the majority of its people are unwilling to cooperate....A more serious crisis will break out in the future if the source of the problem is not dealt with properly and adequately. And the next outbreak will be fiercer.... Click here to read the full article.

1 comment:

  1. A so-called legal professor openly urge for illegal actions... what happen to our university? what happens to our legal system? what happen to our society? what happen to our next generation??

    It seems anarchy society is what a so-called professors is pushing forward... and in the end of the day, these kinds of so-called 'non-cooperative' will only deeply hurt HK people... really don't understand why such a so-called 'professor' has such evil proposal and mind set.

    Be careful, HK guy...