Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Research on Asian Financial Reform

Global Shock, Risks, and Asian Financial Reform
Edited by Iwan J Azis & Hyun S Shin
Edward Elgar
December 2014, 752 pp
Description: The growth of financial markets has clearly outpaced the development of financial market regulations. With growing complexity in the world of finance and the resultant higher frequency of financial crises, all eyes have shifted toward the current inadequacy of financial regulation. This book expertly examines what this episode means for Asia’s financial sector and its stability, and what the implications will be for the region’s financial regulation. By focusing on legal and institutional frameworks the book also elaborates on various issues and challenges in terms of how financial liberalization can maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of crisis.  Professor Douglas Arner (with PhD students Evan Gibson, Michael Panton, and Uzma Ashraf) contribute three chapters on "Addressing systemic risk in East Asia: financial regulatory design" (RH Weber, DW Arner, EC Gibson & S Baumann), "Financial innovation and development in East Asia: balancing risks and opportunities" (RP Buckley, DW Arner & M Panton), and "Regional financial arrangements: lessons from the Eurozone crisis for East Asia" (E Avgouleas, DW Arner & U Ashraf).  Introductory chapters are available for download here

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