Sunday, May 24, 2015

Albert Chen Interviewed by Emily Lau on Political Reform (Cantonese)

Professor Albert Chen was interviewed by the Chairperson of the Democratic Party, the Honourable Ms Emily Lau on 22 May 2015 on the programme  In the 30 minute interview, Professor Chen elaborates on his latest idea of delaying the Legislative Council (LegCo) vote on political reform until after the LegCo elections in September 2016.  He said that this would enable the public to express their views in a meaningful way on whether legislators should accept the government's political reform proposal.  At present, a large majority of the public cannot voice out their thoughts. Since it is impracticable to hold a referendum, the 2016 LegCo Election would be the most effective platform for the voters to express their views. It would also buy time for all parties to try to reach an agreement on political reform.
     He anticipated that six months would be needed to go through the whole process of legislative amendments, nominating and electing the Chief Executive in 2017. He believed it was still feasible to undergo this process after the 2016 LegCo election, though it would mean delaying the CE election which is normally held in March.  Professor Chen stressed that it was the Chief Executive who was in the most advantageous position to influence the central government to accept a compromise on reform.

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