Thursday, May 7, 2015

Congratulations to Student Finalists in Law Reform Essay Competition 2015

Congratulations to the five law student finalists in this year's Law Reform Essay Competition organised by the Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong.  The topic was whether Hong Kong should legislate on cyber-bullying and, if so, how?  We are very pleased that four of the finalists are HKU students.  The five students are CHAU Ching Shing (HKU LLB4), CHOI Da Young (HKU LLB4), HUNG Stephanie (HKU PCLL), LAU Andrew (CUHK JD3), and TAM Kent Chung (HKU BBA(LAW)3).  All of their essays can be downloaded here.  The Law Reform Commission will normally hold a ceremony to honour the students later in the year.  This is the second year of the competition.


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