Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Scholarship from Bryane Michael (AIILF Fellow)

In an article published in the Hong Kong Economic Journal ("How would a China crisis affect Hong Kong?", 28 April 2015) Bryane Michael discusses the impact on Hong Kong's economy if China experiences "a banking crisis and sharp economic contraction in the next five years".  He also outlines what Hong Kong can do to protect itself now.   In the South China Morning Post, Bryane made the case for why "Hong Kong needs financial reform to weather future financial crises and regain its lost lustre" (14 April 2015).  On TaxProfBlog, Bryane contributed an op-ed entitled "Taxing Labor Like Capital Would Reduce Income Inequality and Promote Economic Growth" (24 March 2015).  In his video infographic series, "China/Global Big Law and I-Banks Study", Bryane addressed the question of what factors explain why certain financial centres get all the legal and financial mandates (click video below).  Later this month, Bryane will speak on regulation and Malta as an international financial services centre at the FinanceMalta 8th Annual Conference, 20-21 May 2015.  

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