Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Clement Chen Interviewed on China's Draft Cyber Security Law (Tech in Asia)

"China to codify internet control measures"
Jennifer Zhang
Tech in Asia
12 July 2015
China has been eager to claim its “internet sovereignty” since the 18th party congress, with internet control naturally topping the central leadership’s agenda. The recently released cyber security law draft, while aiming to codify the previously scattered internet regulation policies and solidify Cyberspace Administration’s status as the leading internet governing body, has demonstrated the country’s determination to take a more effective and concentrated approach to make the cyberspace a “safe and harmonious” territory...
     The draft also duplicates the stringent requirements on the real identity registration system of the NPCSC’s 2012 Decision on Strengthening Network Information Protection, according to Clement Chen, a post-doctoral fellow at the Faculty of Law, HKU. Article 20 of the draft prescribes that network operators shall require users to provide real identity information when signing service agreements to ensure the traceability of the internet content. Where users do not provide real identify information, network operators must not provide them with relevant services. Chen adds that while the draft imposes obligations to protect privacy on the ISPs, it does not impose equally comprehensive obligations on public authorities in relation to their collection and processing of personal information within the broad scope of ‘internet security maintenance’...  Click here to read the full article.

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