Thursday, September 24, 2015

Honourable Mention for the 2015 Richard Macrory Prize (Jolene Lin)

Congratulations to Jolene Lin and our former colleague Kelvin Low on receiving an Honourable Mention for the 2015 Richard Macrory Prize, an annual award for the best articles in the Journal of Environmental Law, published by Oxford University Press.  The recognition was received for their article, KFK Low & J Lin, "Carbon Credits as EU Like It: Property, Immunity, TragiCO2medy?" which was reported on earlier in his blog.  The judging panel, consisting of five Journal board members (excluding the General Editor), wrote the following about their article:
"This article is an excellent example of how excellent legal scholarship can make a valuable contribution in environmental law. The authors consider, from a property law perspective, the legal nature of a carbon credit. This thoughtful and rigorous analysis would be very helpful in a relevant legal dispute. The approach of the article moves the subject on in thinking about how environmental law concepts and more conventional areas of legal doctrine interrelate, examining how environmental regulation interacts with legal systems more deeply."

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