Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sherif Elgebeily on What Will Happen After 2047? (SCMP)

Sherif Elgebeily
South China Morning Post
7 May 2016
Universal suffrage. Nominating committees. Legislative councillors. Debate on “one country, two systems” has focused on these and similar elements for almost 20 years. They are legitimate discussions. But political reform of the Basic Law as it stands is a short- to mid-term goal at best and needs to be addressed against the backdrop of one golden question: “What happens after 2047?”
     Independence for Hong Kong, we are told, is impossible. Notwithstanding, in 30 years, Hong Kong will find itself in one of four potential scenarios: first, and most optimistically, all the freedoms and rights afforded to individuals and government branches as enumerated in the Basic Law will be fully enjoyed. In light of the obstacles, divisions and stumbling blocks that Hong Kong has endured over the past two decades, partisan politics renders the outlook bleak. As we rapidly approach the half-way point of the Basic Law’s shelf life, this eventuality has the potential to float away before our eyes... Click here to read the full article.

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