Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Yash Ghai Writes 101 Things About the Kenyan Police (The Star)

"101 things you wanted to know about police but were too afraid to ask"
Patrick Vidija
The Star
28 June 2016
A report by former constitutional review chair Yash Ghai details 101 things Kenyans have never asked police, probably out of fear.
      Ghai says beliefs about police officers have strained the relationship between citizens and members of the police service. He points out that public opinion polls put police at the top of the list of the most corrupt state institutions.
      "Police are regarded as extremely corrupt, especially in extracting money from the less well-off," he says in the preface of the published report.
     "The uniformed men and women are however viewed by the public as suppressing them in order to promote the interests of the rich and the powerful."
     Ghai says the report is meant to streamline the relationship citizens have with police. He raises questions on whether the public knows policing is a full-time job and that officers should generally not be involved in trade or business outside of the occupation.
     "If any officer wishes to be involved in any trade or business they must get permission from the National Police Service only if there is no conflict of interest," he notes... Click here to read the full article and to download the pocketbook.

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