Sunday, August 21, 2016

Amanda Whitfort on Puppy Mills in Hong Kong (SCMP)

"No more puppy mills: Tighter animal welfare laws will clamp down on unscrupulous breeders"
Sarah Karacs
South China Morning Post
20 August 2016
Hong Kong dog lovers can breathe more easy after a much campaigned for amendment to animal trading laws is set to be put in place.
     The campaign to close a legal loophole enabling puppy milling in the city has finally been put through, meaning unscrupulous pedigree breeders will face higher penalties and more stringent licensing laws.
     The city has seen a boom in the pedigree pup trade over the last two decades which has fueled a home-grown industry churning out puppies like products on a factory chain.
     With the amendment, traders who could formerly masquerade as ‘hobby breeders’ owing to outdated laws, will soon have to apply for licences and be subject to inspections when the law comes into effect.
     “We are over the moon ... regarding the amendment” campaigner Gary Chin said. His six-year-old husky-sheepdog cross, named Cooper, had been rescued after years of neglect and cruelty as a breeder dog.
But legal expert Amanda Whitfort, an associate professor at the University of Hong Kong’s law faculty who had spearheaded the campaign, said the amendment will only stop breeders who keep dogs in poor conditions.
     “For those breeders providing appropriate welfare conditions for their dogs, there will be no problem in obtaining a licence to continue,” she said, adding that she was “delighted” the amendment had finally gone through... Click here to read the full article.

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