Friday, December 9, 2016

HKU Class of 2016 Graduates (Law PhD and SJD)

Congratulations to our 14 PhD and 1 SJD graduates who had their degrees conferred upon them at the 196th Congregation on 1 December 2016 at the University of Hong Kong.  The Congregation also saw the graduation of 461 other Faculty of Law students: 24 LLM, 21 LLM in Human Rights, 83 LLM in Corporate & Financial Law, 38 Master of Common Law, 4 LLM in Chinese Law, 27 LLM in Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law, 37 LLM in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, 38 JD and 189 LLB. The newest members of our RPg alumnae family include the following:

1. Dr Yue LUO, The Myth of Chinese Well-Known Marks: Formation, Debunking and Judicial Practice.  Supervisors: Alice Lee and Po Jen Yap

2. Dr Che Singh KOCHAR-GEORGE, A Disciplinary Model of the Asylum Process: Case Studies from the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.  Supervisors: Simon Young and Kelley Loper

4. Dr A-Jull LIM, Professional Failure and the Degradation of International Humanitarian Law: Narcissist Responses to the Post 9/11 So-called War on Terrorism.  Supervisor: Hualing Fu

6. Dr Huimiao ZHAO, Government Intervention in the Reorganization of Listed Companies in the context of Socialist Market Economy of China.  Supervisors: Xianchu Zhang and Emily Lee

9.  Dr Maria Adele CARRAI, A Genealogy of Sovereignty in Modern China, 1840-Today.  Supervisor: Albert Chen

10.  Dr Annelotte Jorien WALSH, A Children's Right Audit of the International Criminal Court.  Supervisor: Scott Veitch

14.  Dr Wenwen LU, Emergency Powers and Law in China.  Supervisors: Hualing Fu and Tony Carty

15.  Dr Sha LI, Fiction and Human Rights Discourse in China 1897-1927.  Supervisor: Marco Wan.

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