Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New Issue of Hong Kong Law Journal (Part 3 of 2016)

Hong Kong Law Journal
Vol. 46, Part 3 of 2016
Editor-in-Chief: Professor Rick Glofcheski
Associate Editor: Professor Albert Chen

Table of Contents

Developing Common Law in Hong Kong Hon Mr Justice Tang PJ    761
“All for Some” or “Some for All”? Assessing the Realisation of the Right to Social Welfare in the Retirement Protection Reform in Hong Kong Karen Kong    779
Making Good: Dealing with Illegal Drug Consumption in Hong Kong Jack Burke and Sheldon Leung  793
Misfiring the First Judicial Shot at Legislation by Press Release: Wong Chak Sin v Collector of Stamp Revenue Chen Jianlin   813
Rule of Law in Hong Kong History Demythologised: Student Umbrella Movement of 1919 Michael Ng  829
What is a Conflict of Laws? The Case of Chinese Customary Law in Hong Kong Lutz-Christian Wolff   849
Autonomy with Portuguese Characteristics: A Primer on the Privileges of Portugal’s Autonomous Regions for the Special Administrative Region Audience Jason Buhi   879
Punishing Copyright Piracy: What is Sufficient to Provide a Deterrent? an Assessment of the Australian and Singaporean Criminal Copyright Regimes Ainee Adam   903
China Law
Is Australia’s “Twin Peaks” System of Financial Regulation a Model for China? Andrew Godwin, Guo Li and Ian Ramsay   935
Legislation and Adjudication of Tort Liability in Environmental Pollution: An Empirical Study Based on Health-Related Cases in China Heng Li   961
Contesting Legitimacy in China: The Politics of Law in Modern Chinese Jurisprudence Xie Libin and Haig Patapan   991
The (IR)Relevance of ADRs in Resolving Financial Disputes: An Empirical Assessment and Roadmap of Shanghai Shen Wei and Yu Tao   1017
Book Reviews
International Copyright Law: US and EU Perspectives: Text and Cases, Jane C Ginsburg and Edouard TreppozYanbing Li   1055

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