Thursday, December 15, 2016

Roda Mushkat on Greater China as Fertile Ground for Building and Testing International Legal Theory (new article)

"Great China Constitutes Fertile Ground for 'Building' and 'Testing' Positive International Legal Theory"
UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs
2016, Vol. 26, pp 354-390
Abstract: Behavioral analysis of international law has neither moved beyond the exploratory stage nor yielded conclusive results. There have been few meaningful attempts to broaden and synthesize conceptual observations rooted in different analytical perspectives and expand the scope of empirical inquiry by juxtaposing hypotheses with data in non-Western geographic and historical contexts. On a modest scale, but productively so in some key respects, the Greater China setting is the exception to the rule by virtue of serving as an emerging platform for a methodical dissection of an array of behaviorally oriented theoretical schemes. It is worthwhile to highlight the contribution to knowledge made by scholars who have ventured into this challenging intellectual domain and the task that lies ahead. 

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