Thursday, March 2, 2017

New Book: Alternative Dispute Resolution: Hong Kong and International Perspectives (K Lynch & Ida Mak)

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Hong Kong and International Perspectives
Editors: Katherine Lynch and Ida Mak
2017, 287 pp.
Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong
Description: This Special Collection of University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law student research essays on alternative dispute resolution originates from the dispute resolution research and teaching curriculum in the HKU Faculty of Law. This inaugural collection presents undergraduate and postgraduate student research essays written on a variety of dispute resolution issues of relevance for Hong Kong and internationally. The aim of publishing this collection of student essays is to showcase excellent student research work in dispute resolution and to contribute to the developing body of research literature in Hong Kong on alternative forms of dispute resolution. It also seeks to contribute to knowledge sharing and knowledge exchange between Law Faculty students and the general public and broader community of Hong Kong – the aim is to encourage students to produce high quality research on important practical and policy issues for Hong Kong and then exchange and share this research through publication and law students as future academics, legal professionals and policy makers in Hong Kong with important research contributions to make to the community at large. This supports the University’s vision to produce distinguished graduates “committed to lifelong learning, and professionalism, capable of being responsive leaders and communicators in the field”.

Table of Contents
1. Development of dispute resolution curriculum at the University of Hong Kong … 1
Katherine Lynch

2. The hidden costs of alternative dispute resolution: why governments should be concerned about the privatization of justice … 15
Andrew Frobes

3. A comparative analysis of negotiation models … 35
Michael Ladovico Testori

4. A tailor-made prescription for family mediation in Hong Kong … 58
Crystal Chan Nim-Tung

5. MED-ARB: an Emerging Development in Hong Kong … 78
Pooja Shahani

6. One step further for our next generation: introducing victim-offender mediation to juvenile crimes in Hong Kong … 102
Sarah Law

7. Dispute review boards: emerging ADR process … 122
Josha Samuel Strub

8. Application of alternative dispute resolution in land use planning in Hong Kong … 142
Ava Tse Suk-Ying

9. The Hong Kong ombudsman: an Evaluation of its Contemporary role … 164
Chaminade Lam

10. Collaborative law and practice in medical-legal context … 192
Danny Lee Wai-Hung

11. New innovative dispute resolution mechanism for investor-state settlement: using MED-ARB to resolve investor-state disputes … 207
Ida Mak Kwan-Lun

12. Financial dispute resolution in Hong Kong … 225
Chan Man-yee

13. Third party funding, champerty and maintenance and arbitration … 244
Sean Hotung

14. The financial dispute resolution centre mediation scheme: Power imbalance in consumer financial services disputes … 261
Minos Lau Chun-Hin

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