Tuesday, September 5, 2017

New Issue of Hong Kong Law Journal (Part 2 of 2017)

Hong Kong Law Journal

Vol. 47, Part 2 of 2017
Editor-in-Chief: Professor Rick Glofcheski
Associate Editor: Professor Albert Chen

Table of Contents

A Re-evaluation of “Incarceration Strategy” by Hong Kong Courts: The Overuse of Incarceration in Sentencing Juvenile Drug Offenders Gordon Chung323
The Doctrinal and Normative Vacuity of Hong Kong’s Joint Enterprise Doctrine Dennis J Baker349
A Critical Analysis of the Hong Kong Stamp Duty Implications of Corporate Amalgamations and the Repurchase by a Company of Its Own Shares Stefano Mariani399
Challenging the “Majority Support” Argument on not Introducing Anti-discrimination Legislation on the Ground of Sexual Orientation in Hong Kong Suen Yiu Tung421
The Success and Failure of Online Dispute Resolution Wei Gao445
Interpreting Article 104: The Way, the How, the Timing Devin Lin, Valentin G√ľnther and Mathias Honer475
Constitutional Dialogue and the Rule of Law Hon Justice Matthew Palmer505
China Law
The Gap between Law and Practice: An Empirical Study on China’s High Pretrial Detention Rate Xifen Lin, Zihui Gu and Xi Lin525
International Jurisdiction under the 2005 Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements: Implications for China Huang Zhang555
Examining Legislation in China’s Special Economic Zones: Framework, Practice and Prospects Yang Feng585
Law and Justice in Evening Rain Alison W Conner615
Review Articles
Lord Sumption and the Limits of the Law Hon Sir Anthony Mason633
China’s Multi-layered Attitude towards State Sovereignty: Theory, Practice and Broad Implications Roda Mushkat659
Book Reviews
Hong Kong Competition Law Carter Chim689
The Commercial Appropriation of Fame: A Cultural Analysis of the Right of Publicity and Passing Off Marco Wan693

Click here to read the abstracts of each article.  Hong Kong Law Journal is published by Sweet & Maxwell.  Full text is available on Westlaw.

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