Monday, October 23, 2017

Puja Kapai Discusses Sexual Harassment in Hong Kong on Backchat (RTHK)

"Sexual Harassment in Asia"
Presenters: Hugh Chiverton and Danny Gittings
Backchat, RTHK Radio 3
20 October 2017
Description: On Friday's Backchat, sexual harassment. After the revelations about Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein, many actors, sports stars and others, as well as hundreds of thousands of others through twitter are stating that they have suffered sexual harassment and assault. If people are aware of the scale of the problem will it change attitudes? Why did people like Harvey Weinstein get away with it, when so many were aware of the problem? How can women without power fight back? Do women in Chinese societies suffer less harassment than in the West?  Panelists: Puja Kapai, Raees Baig, Susanne Choi, Sylvia Martin and Gina Marchetti. Click here to listen to the programme.

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