Thursday, December 7, 2017

HKU Class of 2017 Graduates (Law PhD, SJD and MPhil.)

Congratulations to our 8 PhD, 2 SJD and 2 MPhil. graduates who had their degrees conferred upon them at the 198th Congregation on 6 December 2017 at the University of Hong Kong. The Congregation also saw the graduation of 595 other Faculty of Law students: 18 LLM, 21 LLM in Human Rights, 80 LLM in Corporate & Financial Law, 32 Master of Common Law, 24 LLM in Chinese Law, 14 LLM in Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law, 43 LLM in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, 1 LLM in Compliance and Regulation, 27 JD and 335 LLB. The newest members of our RPg alumnae family include the following:

1. Dr Atcharawongchai Worrawong, The Criminal Enforcement of Copyright in Thailand. Supervisors: Dr Yahong Li and Mr Michael Jackson

2. Dr Buhi Jason Gerald, The Constitutional and Administrative History of Macau During the Era of Portuguese Jurisdiction, 1553-1999. Supervisors: Professor Hualing Fu and Professor Albert Chen

4. Dr Liu Jia, Global Justice: The Right to Life and the Global Community. Supervisor: Professor Scott Veitch

5. Dr Liu Junru, Towards Cultural-Rights-Based-Approaches to Reconciling Trade Liberalization and Cultural Diversity: The Role of the WTO in Governing Trade in Motion Pictures. Supervisor: Professor Xianchu Zhang

6. Dr Liu Yang, Necessity and the Law of State Responsibility: A Contextual Approach. Supervisor: Dr James Fry

7. Dr Xu Bijun, Re-examining the Discourse of the 19th Century International Law: A Case Study of the First Sino-Japanese War 1894-1895. Supervisors: Professor C. L. Lim and Professor Tony Carty

8. Dr Zhang Xiaoshi, The Sino-French controversy over Vietnam 1880-1885 : from tributary system to international legal system. Supervisors: Professor C. L. Lim and Professor Tony Carty

9. Dr Du Rong (SJD), Unifying Space Financing Through Space Assets Protocol to the Cape Town Convention: A Desirable Effort for the Space Sector?. Supervisor: Professor Yun Zhao

10. Dr Lam Kwan Nam (SJD), Confucian Values and Corporation Governance: a Comparative Analysis. Supervisor: Professor Say Goo

11. Mr Meggitt Gary, Mediation and ADR Privilege – the Existing Law and Potential Reforms. Supervisor: Ms Janice Brabyn.

12. Ms. Wang Yihan, An Empirical Study of US and Chinese Perspectives on Barriers and Possibilities for the Expansion of Online International Commercial Arbitration. Supervisor: Dr Shahla Ali

The Honourable Madam Justice Susan Kwan (LLB 1977, PCLL 1978), Justice of Appeal of the Court of Appeal, The High Court, delivered the keynote address.

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