Thursday, January 11, 2018

Yash Ghai Envisions the Future of Kenya (The Star)

8 Jan 2018
In an article published in the Star (December 22) and the Sunday Standard ( on December 24 ), I advocated the conferment of the title of the Baba wa Taifa on Raila Odinga by his admirers and followers, rather than his seeking to be sworn in as President, which he and millions of Kenyans think he is entitled to after the August 8 election.
     I gave several reasons for this, including the ability to influence the fortunes of a society from outside of the State, following the examples of Gandhi, Mandela and Martin Luther King. This would, I argued, minimise the risks of ethnic conflict and massacre, driven by the State. The other major reason was the need to move away from the highly corrupt government and to a fair allocation of resources and social justice, and a truly democratic state.
     Of the readers who wrote to me, only Charles Kipkulei, who I do not know, expressed severe criticism (in the Star on December 29 ). I am writing in the spirit of an academic: Not to score a point but to search for the truth. This article is intended to assure him and readers, who he might have convinced, that my fidelity to the Constitution remains unshaken. However, I have to admit that political parties and electoral candidates have shown that they do not have any respect for the Constitution — a point I made repeatedly during the electoral process, which seems to have upset Kipkulei. Kipkulei accuses me of “three false notions that should be a concern and should be disabused”... Click here to read the full article.

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