Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Amanda Whitfort Interviewed on the Welfare of Dogs in The Year of the Dog (RTHK's The Pulse)

CNY Special: Lai Chi Wo Hakka Culture & Welfare of Dogs
RTHK Radio 31: The Pulse
17 Feb 2018
Summary: It’s the Year of the Dog, and in Chinese iconography, dogs symbolise good luck, loyalty, obedience, prosperity, and a promise of friendship. But their relationship with humans isn’t always an easy one. Not only are they – often brutally - killed and eaten in some Asian countries, including China, commercial breeders and pet shops are known to confine them in particularly distressing conditions, and would-be owners are not even allowed to keep them in many Hong Kong housing estates. Things are looking up, as more people across Asia and locally are adopting dogs and looking out for their welfare. As anyone who lives with them knows, they often give back at least as much affection and trust as they receive.
   In this special episode of The Pulse, Amanda Whitfort shares her thoughts on why breeders should be obligated to have a duty of care, the need for animal welfare legislation in Hong Kong, and penalties for those who breach animal welfare laws. Click here to view the interview.

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