Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hong Kong Team Wins at the Global Legal Hackathon (NYC, 21 April 2018)

L-R: Alison Li, Edelweiss Kwok, Sally Yiu
@DecodingLawHK #GLH2018 @hkuniversity
Congratulations to the winning Hong Kong team, Decoding Law, at the Global Legal Hackathon, held in New York City, 21 April 2018.  Fourteen teams competed on the stage and only four winners were recognised.  The Hong Kong team won in the public service category for their innovative project that uses machine learning and AI technologies to make reading legislation easier for the ordinary person including unrepresented litigants.  
The team comprises of HKU and CUHK law students, software developers and data scientists. The three HKU team members, Alison Li, Edelweiss Kwok, and Sally Yiu are currently studying in Year III of the combined law and business degree programme (BBA(Law) & LLB).  In her interview for the ABA Journal, Ms Yiu said she was "impressed to see so many talented minds collaborate and come up with feasible solutions to solve certain legal problems in society."  For other news stories of the event, see New York Law Journal and Artificial Lawyer.  This was the first ever Global Legal Hackathon to be held.  The other three winners were from the United States and Hungary.  The official press release can be viewed here.

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