Friday, July 12, 2019

Christine Loh and Richard Cullen on How Do Airports Achieve Continuing Success? (IPP Review)

"How Do Airports Achieve Continuing Success?"
Christine Loh and Richard Cullen
IPP Review
3 May 2019
The Top Ten winners of the annual Skytrax World Airport Awards have recently been announced (see “What Makes the World’s Best Airports Tick?”)
     Each of the Top Ten does well because they have fought hard to be the best. They beat out 550 other airports. Being the best was important to them in a hyper-competitive world at a time of shifting geopolitics and geo-economics.
     It takes good long-term planning and significant resources to operate a well-oiled airport. It requires coordinating many tasks well. International passengers appreciate arriving at a pleasant and spacious environment, where you can get to immigration easily and where queues are handled efficiently and quickly. Luggage should come quickly, customs should not be a hassle, and transport should be plentiful and easy to navigate. Departing passengers like quick check-in, security and passport controls, and roomy waiting areas with a large variety of food and amusements. Premium passengers want comfortable lounges. Fast and free WiFi is a must. Artificial intelligence will be making its mark shortly in airports that are installing new equipment to make passenger experience even faster and easier.
     Six of the Top Ten airports are in East and Southeast Asia, one in the Middle East and three are in Europe. There are none in the United States, where airport experience, especially among the major airports, is known for inefficiencies compared to their counterparts in Asia. Denver (#32) is ranked the best American airport. Other major airports are ranked as follows: San Francisco (#48), Los Angeles (#71) and JFK, New York (#74)... Click here to read the full article.

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