Monday, August 12, 2019

New CCPL Report on Same Sex Couples' Unequal Access to Public Housing in Hong Kong

CCPL research finds that due to the discriminatory nature of the public housing policy, same-sex couples (LGB individuals) are subjected to an economic penalty of HKD233,539. Findings of the study also suggest that the impugned policy is counter-productive to distributing public housing fairly and efficiently.
      The data analysis in this report demonstrates that low-income same-sex couples suffer an economic penalty as a result of their LGB identities. Owing to the fact that their relationships are not legally recognized for the purpose of applying for public housing as families, they are subjected to a longer waiting time of 12 years, during which they have to pay an extra HKD233,539 for private rental accommodation, when compared to their heterosexual counterparts. This report estimates that at least 2,772 LGB persons are adversely affected by the current policy. It is important to note that such a discriminatory policy does not only deny non-heterosexual couples’ equal access to housing benefits but is also detrimental to economical and effective distribution of subsidized housing, adversely affecting the Hong Kong public in general and public residential housing applicants in particular. To download the full report by Elizabeth Lui, click here.

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