Monday, March 8, 2021

HKU Law Welcomes Two New Post-Docs (Dr Evan Rosevear and Dr Hui Chen)

HKU Law warmly welcomes two new postdoctoral legal scholars who, respectively, will explore questions of comparative law and politics with a focus on national constitutions, and legal developments in the Greater Bay Area.   
     Dr Evan Rosevear is a Global Academic Fellow who joins us from Canada.  His research lies at the intersection of comparative law and comparative politics with a focus on national constitutions and domestic legal systems. It is guided by a desire to understand how courts, rights, and constitutions operate, how they interact with other state and non-state actors, and whether and when they are capable of fostering social and political change. Methodologically, it takes the form of theoretically-informed, empirically-driven comparative analysis that involves single case and small-n research supplemented by large-n statistical analysis.
     His current projects include a comparative examination of the interaction of legal reasoning and politics in the adjudication of constitutionalized social rights and the use of executive discretion in instances of executive aggrandizement. He is also interested in developing the empirical and comparative study of non-US judges and courts.
      Evan holds a PhD in political science and a JD from the University of Toronto. He has been a Research Associate with the Toronto Initiative for Economic and Social Rights (TIESR) and previously spent time at the Center for Justice and Society at FGV Direito-Rio and the South African Institute for Advanced Constitutional, Public and International Law (SAIFAC) at the University of Johannesburg.

Dr Hui Chen is Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Law. His research centres on WTO law, international trade negotiation, dispute settlement, and legal harmonization in the Greater Bay Area.
     Prior to joining HKU, Hui had the experience of working and researching in the WTO headquarters in Geneva, during which he worked in the Accessions Division to support the application of membership for Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Algerian, and Yemen. Having obtained the Chinese Legal Professional Qualification Certificate, he has practiced law in Shanghai.
     Hui has been participating in research projects on China’s global governance, dispute settlement and legal harmonization in the Greater Bay Area, including but not limited to exploring the path of Hong Kong becoming a centre of international dispute resolution, the establishment of an International Commercial Arbitration Centre in the Greater Bay Area, and the facilitation for liberalizing the legal services markets between the Mainland and Hong Kong. He co-authored a book chapter titled “The Belt and Road Initiative in China’s Approach to Global Governance: Implications for China-EU Relations and Economic Cooperation” in the book European Union and China’s Belt and Road: Impact, Engagement and Competition, which will be published in Routledge in 2021. His present research focuses on the legal convergence and harmonization across different legal regions in the Greater Bay Area.

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