Thursday, March 18, 2021

New Book by Albert Chen: The Changing Legal Orders In Hong Kong and Mainland China: Essays on "One Country, Two Systems" (CityU Press)

The Changing Legal Orders In Hong Kong and Mainland China: Essays on "One Country, Two Systems"City University of Hong Kong Press
Published in February 2021, 440 pp. 
Book Description: This collection of selected works by Professor Albert H.Y. Chen shows the contours of the author’s scholarship as it developed over 35 years of his academic career, from 1984 to the present. The essays are divided into three sections which cover the three major domains of Professor Chen’s research. Part I covers the legal developments and controversies of “One Country, Two Systems” since the Hong Kong interpretation on “the right of abode” in 1999 to the anti-extradition movement of 2019. Part II shifts to focus on tradition and modernity in Chinese Law, including China’s Confucian and Legalist traditions and how the socialist legal system in China evolved and modernized in the era of “reform and opening”. Part III examines the transplantation of Western thinking and constitutionalism to East Asia in modern times and discusses the achievements and failures of these efforts. In conjunction with an introductory chapter that sets out the basic orientation and paradigm of these legal and constitutional studies and an epilogue that reflects on the main themes, this collection exemplifies the author’s important contributions to the field and provides insight into how the legal orders in Hong Kong and mainland China have changed over the course of Professor Chen’s academic career.  To view the event launching book held at HKU on 2 March 2021, click here. The book was reviewed by Professor Jaakko Husa in the Chinese Journal of Comparative Law (15 November 2021):  "Constitutional Biography of Hong Kong and Ambiguities of One Country, Two Systems Policy"

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