Friday, July 9, 2021

Fu Hualing & Michael Jackson on Protest, Law and Regime Type (new book chapter)

"Protest, Law and Regime Type"
Fu Hualing & Michael Jackson
in Democracy and Rule of Law in China's Shadow, edited by Brian Christopher Jones, (Hart Publishing, July 2021), Chapter One
Introduction: Although political uproar in Hong Kong has been evident in recent months, 2013 and 2014 witnessed one of the most volatile moments in the recent history of the Greater China region. Large, lengthy and well-organised political protests swept mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The protests were unprecedented; each challenged the core of the respective political system. All have had significant impact on the political development in the respective societies. In 2013, Xu Zhiyong led his New Citizens Movement (NCM) into street action in different cities in China. In a spirit of freedom, public interest and love, NCM protesters, organised around dinner tables and coordinated via social media, demonstrated on the streets in small groups with home-made banners and cards to demand equal opportunities in education, freedom of the press and disclosure of assets of Party and state leaders.

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