Friday, December 31, 2021

New Edited Book by Kevin Tan & Michael Ng: Constitutional Foundings in Northeast Asia (Hart Publishing)

Constitutional Foundings in Northeast Asia
Editors: Kevin Tan & Michael Ng
Hart Publishing
Published in December 2021
Book Description: This new book in the Constitutionalism in Asia series considers the idea of origins, and of change and continuity in terms of 'constitution-making', which is an on-going process in the Northeast Asian states. The book examines the drafting, nature, core values, and roles of the first modern constitutions during the founding of the 8 modern states/territories in Northeast Asia: China (1949), Taiwan (1947), Hong Kong SAR (1997), Macau SAR (1999), Japan (1889), North Korea (1948 and 1972), South Korea (1948), and Mongolia (1924). The collection provides:
  • an exploratory description of the process and substantive inputs in the making of the first constitutions of these nations/territories;
  • analysis of the internal and external (including intra-regional) forces surrounding the making of these constitutions; and
  • theoretical construction of models to conceptualise the nature and role of the first constitutions (including constituent documents) in the founding of the modern nation-states/territories and their subsequent impact on state-building in the region.

HKU contributors to the collection include Dr Humphrey Ko (ch 2), Professor Albert Chen (ch 3) and Dr Michael Ng (Ch 3).

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