Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Research Report on Accreditation and Regulation of Hong Kong Interpreters/Translators in Ethnic Minority Languages (HKU study commissioned by EOC)

Principal Investigator: Dr Eva Ng
Co-Investigators: Dr Janny Leung & Ms Kelley Loper 
Published in December 2021
Executive Summary (excerpt)The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) commissioned a research team from The University of Hong Kong (HKU) to conduct a project titled “A Study on a Potential Model for Accreditation and Regulation of Interpreters and Translators in Ethnic Minority Languages in Hong Kong”. This project primarily aims to explore the possibility of establishing an accreditation and regulation system for interpreters and translators (I/Ts) working in ethnic minority (EM) languages and how such a system should be implemented. The current research project commenced in December 2018 with the following specific objectives: 

(a) To provide a statistical profile of practising I/Ts in EM languages for public services, including, but not limited to, community support services, medical services and legal services; 

(b) To review overseas experiences in establishing an accreditation and regulation system, with particular focuses on major obstacles encountered and solutions adopted; 

(c) To identify options for a standardised accreditation mechanism for I/Ts in EM languages with reference to the current practice, overseas experiences and major stakeholders’ views; 

(d) To examine potential regulation models, including, but not limited to, voluntary registration and licensing, with reference to the current practice, overseas experience and major stakeholders’ views; 

(e) To provide options for a regulatory body with its functions, powers and accountability delineated; 

(f) To explore prospective pathways to introduce an accreditation and regulation system; and potential training needs for interpreters and translators to meet the requirements. 

The research team reviewed representative overseas accreditation and regulation models. It also conducted online surveys and focus group interviews with stakeholders, including EM language I/Ts in Hong Kong, users and operators of translation and interpreting (T&I) services in EM languages, to collect their views on the establishment of an accreditation and regulation system.   Click here to read the full report.

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