Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Cora Chan on Subnational Constitutionalism: Hong Kong (new book chapter)

"Subnational Constitutionalism: Hong Kong from VI - Structure"
Cora Chan
Published online on 17 February 2022
Summary: This chapter uses Hong Kong to illustrate the unique constitutional law challenges facing subnational jurisdictions, including that of dividing competences between the subnational and national authorities, of finding a mutually agreeable conflict resolution mechanism and of defining the place of the subnational constitution within the national constitutional order. As the only liberal, common law jurisdiction within a socialist party-state in the world, Hong Kong’s two decades of experience with China’s “one country, two systems” governing model illustrates how fraught the challenges facing a subnational constitution could be. Yet further reflection upon how Hong Kong can preserve its liberal constitutionalist status suggests creative solutions to those challenges.

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