Monday, March 7, 2022

Richard Cullen on the Birth of Global Narrative Power by the West (Pearls and Irritations)

"The birth of global narrative power by the West"
Richard Cullen
Pearls and Irritations/ Politics
Published on February 19, 2022
Once significantly devoted to explaining, advancing and celebrating Western universal values, western media outlets today are now far more engaged in manufacturing hostility towards China.
How did the West first nurture and then sustain its extraordinary, extended power over global narrative setting at the expense of everyone else?
     The White Man’s Media, as we know it today, was incubated during the turbulent Age of European Imperialism, when open warfare was common. This radical new scheme of global control was ultimately a product of the extraordinary rebirth of advanced European thinking fostered by the Renaissance. As the Imperial era advanced, the role of the Western media in promoting narratives which fostered socially-organized, understanding, support, hostility and denial became pivotal. This role remains entrenched. ... Click here to read the full text.  

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