Tuesday, May 24, 2022

CCPL Conference: COVID-19, Borders, and the Law (24 & 25 May 2022)



CCPL: COVID-19, Borders, and the Law


24 MAY 2022 (TUE) & 25 MAY 2022 (WED)

All are welcome!

Registration link: https://hkuems1.hku.hk/hkuems/ec_hdetail.aspx?guest=Y&ueid=81293

PANEL 1: Border Restrictions, Quarantine, and Human Rights Derogations (1:15pm-3pm HKT, May 24)

·         “A Human Rights-Based Approach to Stop a Pathogen at Borders”

o   Martin Scheinin (European University Institute)

·         “Travel Restrictions and International Freedom of Movement”

o   Fernando Dias Simões (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

·         “Lived Experience of Australia’s International and Domestic Covid-19 Border Closures”

o   Kate Ogg (Australian National University) and Olivera Simic (Griffith University)

Chair: Po Jen Yap (HKU Law)


PANEL 2: Pandemic Treaties and Travel Restrictions: The Present and Future (3:30pm-5pm HKT, May 24)

·         “An Assessment of the Effectiveness of the International Health Regulations in the Response to Covid-19”

o   Susan Breau (University of Victoria, Canada)

·         “Evolving Understandings of the Effectiveness of International Border Control Measures During the Covid-19 Pandemic”

o   Karen Grépin (HKU School of Public Health)

·         “Digital Capacity and the Proposed International Pandemic Preparedness Treaty”

o   Calvin Ho (HKU Law)

Chair: Eric Ip (HKU Law)


PANEL 3: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Pandemics and Border Control (4pm-5:30pm HKT, May 25)

·         “After Covid-19: States, Borders and the New Politics of Exclusion”

o   Matthew Longo (Leiden University)

·         “Border Governance, Shadow Exchanges, and Biosecurity During Covid-19”

o   Tak-Wing Ngo (University of Macau)

·         “Inbound Quarantine Regulations in Colonial Hong Kong”

o   Christopher Szabla (HKU Law)

Chair: Michael Ng (HKU Law)


PANEL 4: The Impact of Covid-19 on Migrants and Refugees (7:30pm-9pm HKT, May 25)

·         “Migration in the Mediterranean at the Time of the Pandemic”

o   Sofia Galani (Panteion University, Greece)

·         “How Covid-19 Reinforced Existing Challenges to the Protection of Forced Migrants: Examples from South America”

o   Liliana Jubilut (Universidade Católica de Santos, Brazil)

·         “Citizenship, the Exclusive State, and the Transboundary Pandemic: Covid-19 and Migrants in Southeast Asia”

o   Sriprapha Petcharamesree (Mahibol University, Thailand)

Chair: Kelley Loper (HKU Law)


This conference is organized by the Centre for Comparative and Public Law, HKU and will be held via Zoom Meeting. Prior registration is required. For inquiries, please email Phoenix To at pxto@hku.hk.

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