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CMEL newsletter (September - October 2022)

The September-October newsletter of the Centre for Medical Ethics and Law (CMEL) is now available here.

 This issue features Behavioral Public Choice Economics and the Law (Springer, 2022), a book recently published by a CMEL researcher. 

Behavioral public choice economics is a nascent field of study that revitalizes the well-established field of public choice economics with the findings of behavioral economics, political psychology, and cognitive neuroscience to advance our knowledge about administrative regulation, constitutional design, democratic lawmaking, elections, and judicial decision-making.

In his new book Behavioral Public Choice Economics and the Law (Springer, 2022), the first book on the subject, CMEL’s Deputy Director Dr Eric C. Ip lucidly illustrates how public officials, lawmakers, and judges, as ordinary, boundedly rational, human beings, fall prey to their own biases and heuristics. Dr Ip explains how the insights of behavioral public choice economics, among other things, can fruitfully enhance our understanding of cognitive constraints on legal and policy responses to public health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, which tend to be complex and require the delicate balancing of competing interests such as economic activity, human rights, mental health, and physical health. His book, additionally, demonstrates how constitutions and judicial doctrines can be structured to mitigate the cognitive shortcomings of technocrats and other public decision-makers.

Book Cover of Behavioral Public Choice Economics and the Law

Other highlights:

1. Articles

  • "Civil Liabilities of Fertility Fraud: Focusing on the Decision from the Court of Appeals of Indiana in the United States"
  • "How Hong Kong Won Its 150-year Struggle Against Malaria"
  • "Technological Solutions to Loneliness—Are they enough?"
  • "Zoonoses and Animal Culling: The Need for One Health Policy"

2. Upcoming Events

  • Preservation of Dignity in the Terminally Ill
  • Ethical and Legal Complexities in Genomic Data Sharing in Consortia: Reflections from Asia, Africa, and Europe
  • The Bioethics of Loneliness

3. Recording

·         "MEDIATION IN HONG KONG": Focus on Medical and Dental Disputes

4. Media/ Legal Updates

  • Manslaughter of Terminally-ill Wife
  • Wristbands for Monitoring Emotions
  • Invalidating COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Certificates

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