Monday, February 13, 2023

Kelley Loper on Intersecting Crises and Exponential Inequalities: The View from Hong Kong (new book chapter)

"Intersecting Crises and Exponential Inequalities: The View from Hong Kong"
Kelley Loper
in Exponential Inequalities: Equality Law in Times of Crisis,
edited by Shreya Atrey and Sandra Fredman (Oxford University Press, 2023),
Chapter 6, pp.97-117
Introduction: This chapter considers the limits and the potential of equality law to address inequalities arising from intersecting crises, that is, when more than one crisis occurs simultaneously or in close succession. It examines the case of Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, which has recently faced multiple crises, with different, but interrelated, root causes and effects. While concurrent crises may have distinct features, their impacts frequently overlap, and mutually reinforce each other. As other contributions to this volume illustrate, a single crisis on its own is often enough to exacerbate existing inequalities (or produce new forms of marginalization) in many societies. Indeed, unresolved inequality itself may be characterized as 'a crisis' in its own right, whatever else is happening. Additional traumas are all the more likely to amplify disadvantage. 

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