Thursday, March 23, 2023

Congratulations to Dr Cynthia Farid on being awarded a Global Young Academy (GYA) membership

Congratulations to Dr Cynthia Farid (Global Academic Fellow) who has been admitted as a Global Young Academy (GYA) member representing Bangladesh for a five-years term!
  Under the leadership of Menattallah Elserafy (Zewail City of Science and Technology, Egypt) the 53-member Selection Committee of the Global Young Academy (GYA) finalised the selection of 41 new members to join the GYA in June 2023 for a tenure of five years. The GYA’s new member cohort includes representatives from 31 individual countries, covering all GYA general disciplines, and includes 16 females, 1 non-binary and 24 males. In June 2023 when the new cohort is inducted, the gender ratio will be 104 female/93 male/2 non-binary/1 no information given. Such gender balance is a development that the GYA has been moving towards for the last few years and is a reflection of the excellent female/non-binary applicants to the GYA. Among other activities, the GYA acts as a facilitator and convenor for the growing global network of National Young Academies (NYAs). The GYA is therefore delighted to see that a number of new members are also members of – or in leadership positions in – their respective country’s NYA.
      By this opportunity, Dr Cynthia Farid perceives that being part of GYA will be a great network for interdisciplinary research, which could help connect to a lot of global opportunities.  This will give her an edge in global outlook of her legal research career. Dr Farid's research interests include Constitutional Law, Legal History, Law and Society, Human Rights, Law and Development.  To view her profile on the Global Young Academy (GYA) webpage, click here

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