Monday, June 19, 2023

New Book Edited by Po Jen Yap & Rehan Abeyratne : Routledge Handbook of Asian Parliaments (Routledge)

Routledge Handbook of Asian Parliaments
Edited By
Po Jen Yap & Rehan Abeyratne
Published in March 2023
408 pp.
Book Description: This Handbook showcases the rich varieties of legislatures that exist in Asia and explains how political power is constituted in seventeen jurisdictions in East, Southeast and South Asia.
     Legislatures in Asia come in all stripes. Liberal democracies co-exist cheek by jowl with autocracies; semi-democratic and competitive authoritarian systems abound. While all legislatures exist to make law and confer legitimacy on the political leadership, how representative they are of the people they govern differs dramatically across the continent, such that it is impossible to identify a common Asian prototype. Divided into thematic and country-by-country sections, this handbook is a one-stop reference that surveys the range of political systems operating in Asia. Each jurisdiction chapter examines the structure and composition of its legislature, the powers of the legislature, the legislative process, thereby providing a clear picture of how each legislature operates both in theory and in practice. The book also thematically analyses the following political systems operating in Asia: communist regimes, liberal democracies, dominant party democracies, turbulent democracies, presidential democracies, military regimes, and protean authoritarian rule.
     This handbook is a vital and comprehensive resource for scholars of constitutional law and politics in Asia.

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