Monday, November 3, 2014

Book Review: Reading Law in Singapore, 2nd Ed

Michael Hor's co-edited work, Reading Law in Singapore, 2nd edition (LexisNexis) (with Tang Hang Wu and Nicholas Poon), published earlier this year was recently reviewed in the Law Gazette (October 2014).  The reviewer, Ms Ho Xin Ling, had high praise for the book.  She concludes, "It is often difficult to find areas to improve upon in an already superb contribution. However, the second edition of Reading Law in Singapore does just that, and provides excellent refinements to the first edition through the further contributions from distinguished law academics, young legal eagles as well as an esteemed member of the Singapore bench. For both aspiring and existing law students, Reading Law in Singapore will thus remain a book of utmost relevance in providing a comprehensive and holistic insight into a student’s journey in law school."  The book features 11 chapters on all aspects of Singapore law, from criminal law, contract law to comparative legal traditions and advocacy and moots.  Ms Ho commended the four chapters written by the Hon. Andrew Phang JA, which are written as "a simulated conversation between a law student and a professor of law at four different stages of the law student's journey from admission into law school to graduation."  On a related note, Dean Hor's co-authored book, Criminal Law for the 21st Century - A Model Code for Singapore (Academy Publishing 2013) was cited by the Singapore High Court in Koh Jing Kwang v Public Prosecutor [2014] SGHC 213, [40] & [43] for its insights on the difference between mens rea and voluntariness.  Dean Hor also spoke on "Political Activism in Authoritarian Societies" in a dialogue with students co-organized by the HKU Law Students Political Reform Concern Group and Law Association, HKUSU on 24 October 2014.

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