Monday, January 26, 2015

Chen Modifies Reform Proposal and Discusses Potential Moderate CE Candidates

Chan Professor of Constitutional Law, Albert Chen, was interviewed by Cable TV on modifications to his political reform proposals.  The first modification in relation to nominations is that rather than voting on the two to three candidates as a group, the nominating committee should vote on each candidate separately to determine if each can pass the 50% threshold requirement.  The second modification relates to the consequences of election nullification by blank votes.  Instead of having the nominating committee elect an interim leader, it would be better if the Chief Secretary served as the Acting Chief Executive for a short period until the new Chief Executive is validly elected.  Both modifications come after Prof Chen met with the Government's Task Force on constitutional reform to explain his reform proposals.  Click here to view the interview in Cantonese.
Source: SCMP
     Separately Prof Chen's extensive interview with South China Morning Post reporter, Stuart Lau, was published in two articles in the SCMP on 26 January 2015.  In the article titled, "Pan-democrats who abandoned confrontation could bag Hong Kong's top job", he names three "potentially acceptable [moderate] candidates: Secretary for Housing and Transport Professor Anthony Cheung Bing-leung, environment undersecretary Christine Loh Kun-wai and Executive Council member Anna Wu Hung-yuk".  In the second article, Prof Chen is quoted as stating, "Some pan-democrats may have a hope, or I'd call it a fantasy, that if they veto [the package] this time, they may, by 2022, get a better or more democratic framework than [last year's]".  He notes that President Xi Jinping is almost certain to still be the country's president by then. 

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