Thursday, February 26, 2015

$1.1M in New Small Project Research Funding

Congratulations to the Faculty members who were awarded HKU Small Project Research Grants up to $80,000 each. The projects cover a wide range of topics and are listed as follows (in no particular order):
1. Competition Law Enforcement against Abuses of Market Power in Hong Kong (36 months), Kelvin Kwok
2. Fiduciary Obligations: Justifying and Limiting Loyalty (24 months), Rebecca Lee
3. Reforming Anti-Dilution Law in China (24 months), Haochen Sun
4. Path Dependence and Interconnected Institutions: Implications for Legal Transplantation (24 months), Guanghua Yu
5. Implications of the New Round of Legal and Market Reform in China (30 months), Xian Chu Zhang
6. Eastern Values in International Arbitration: An Initial Exploration (36 months), Shahla Ali
7. Exercise of Legislative Power by the Executive (36 months), Jianlin Chen
8. A Comparative Legal Study on Tackling Cyberbullying and Protecting Children's Rights (24 months), Anne Cheung
9. Financial Planning for Mental Incapacity: A Tale of Two Confucian Cities (24 months), Lusina Ho
10. Survey of Public Opinion Toward Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People in Hong Kong (24 months), Kelley Loper
11. Minority Shareholder Remedes in Hong Kong: Evolving Dispute Resolution Approaches (24 months), Katherine Lynch
12. The Interrelation between Case Law and Legislation in Aspects of Commercial Law (36 months), Ji Lian Yap
13. A statistical study of Constitutional and Administrative Law judgments from 1997 - 2012 (24 months), Antonio Da Roza
14. The Tightening of Transparency Requirements in the International Tax Regime and its Impact on Mainland China and Hong Kong (15 months), Doreen Qiu
15. Freedom of information and privacy protection in China: resolving conflicts and promoting accountability (18 months), Clement Chen
16. The Delicate Art of Med-Arb and Its Future Institutionalisation in China (18 months), Weixia Gu.

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