Thursday, February 4, 2016

CCPL Launches "Hong Kong's Hidden Stories", a collective narrative of ethnic minorities

Hong Kong’s Hidden Stories is a new Centre for Comparative and Public Law project dedicated to building a collective narrative of Hong Kong's ethnic minorities. Through telling their own stories, they wish to contribute to the development of a positive narrative on Hong Kong’s ethnic minorities. As fellow Hong Kongers, we hope this partnership can serve as an example of our future as a united community of Hong Kongers, that binds us into a common thread of belonging to our home, regardless of race, ethnicity, skin colour and language.
     Over the course of the next two and a half months, we will be uploading one video each week on our dedicated YouTube channel, which can be found here. These narratives of Hong Kong's ethnic minorities share the issues facing them and culminate in a celebration of the project in late March to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of All forms of Racial Discrimination.
     Please share these videos widely, subscribe to our Facebook and YouTube pages, and ‘Like’ our videos to help generate awareness about these crucial issues and enlist those who share a vision for a more inclusive and just Hong Kong in a conversation about Hong Kong identities, the experiences of different ethnic groups across a range of areas of life, their tragedies, their heroism and their belonging to Hong Kong. 
     Puja Kapai would like to thank the US Consulate General of Hong Kong for their generous support for this project. She would also like to thank the student research assistants for this project: Yan Chan (Student, St. Paul's Co-Educational College); Eugean Lo (BSocSc & LLB (Govt & Laws) 2); Cannis Ng (BSocSc & LLB (Govt & Laws) 2); and, Rachel Li (BA & LLB (Literary Studies & Laws) 3).
     Watch, share, like, make your own videos here

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