Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Puja Kapai Comments on the EOC Review Report (RTHK) and the Nepalese in Hong Kong (Pearl Report)

"Revamp of anti-discrimination laws should cover more contentious issues"
RTHK Newswrap Podcasts
29 March 2016
An expert on equality laws and minority rights says the Equal Opportunities Commission’s proposals for a major overhaul to Hong Kong's anti-discrimination laws should go further to cover contentious issues. Puja Kapai, who is an Associate Law Professor at the University of Hong Kong, says while the proposals are very encouraging, there is room for compromise to offer protection to people like same-sex couples. She tells Jim Gould that the commission should take the lead and bring the various parties together to agree on issues that are opposed by some sectors of the community.

The Pearl Report
28 March 2016
Most of the 30,000 Nepalese residents in HK are related to the heroic Gurkha soldiers who were in the British garrison here. 
 But in recent years, the Nepalese's poverty rate has skyrocketed as many of them are trapped in a vicious cycle of low education levels, low or semi-skilled work, juvenile crimes and drug abuse. Why has this happened? Is there a way out?  Reporter: Billy Wong

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