Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Book: Regulating Government Ethics (Dr Wu Chonghao, PhD 2014)

Dr Wu Chonghao (PhD 2014)
October 2016, CUP, 314 pp
Description: This book examines government ethics rules and their enforcement in China (as well as in three other jurisdictions for comparative insights). Empirical research methods (involving primarily semi-structured interviews) were employed to explore the dynamics of actual enforcement policies and practices in China. This book formed an analytical framework through reviewing existing theories on government ethics regulation and general regulation literature and analyzing government ethics rules in the US, the UK, and Hong Kong. Using this framework, it seeks to explore the patterns and features of government ethics rules and their enforcement in China. It shows that the inadequacy of government ethics rules per se and the deterrence-oriented criminal enforcement style of government ethics regulation are important but ignored elements of the problem of rampant corruption in China. Such analysis has generated important and practical policy implications for China's government ethics rules and their enforcement.
  • Provides a new perspective on China's fight against corruption, including bribery, embezzlement and fraud
  • Presents a systematic analysis of the government ethics rules in China, such as areas where it is not regulated and where existing rules are not comprehensive
  • Includes rich empirical data on anti-corruption enforcement that provides a better understanding of government ethics rules in China

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