Friday, January 26, 2018

New Book by Wilkinson, Cheung & Meggitt: Civil Procedure in Hong Kong (6th edition) (LexisNexis)

Civil Procedure in Hong Kong (6th edition)
Michael Wilkinson, Eric TM Cheung & Gary Meggitt
December 2017,
Description: Civil Procedure in Hong Kong Sixth Edition provides practitioners with a clear and up to date exposition of the rules and judicial decisions governing the conduct of civil litigation in Hong Kong. The Civil Justice Reform has now been effective for more than 8 years and there are many judicial decisions reflecting judicial approaches and attitudes to the implementation of the new rules. The authors have chronicled these developments by reference to the considerable amount of case law on the new rules and practice directions.
     This sixth edition includes the most significant new cases affecting both the new rules and rules unaffected by the Reforms, including:

  • The use of translated documents in proceedings vide case development on High Court Civil Procedure (Use of Language) Rules r 5(5)(a)
  • Rules on service and forum in lieu with Hong Kong’s role in a developing global economy
  • Updates to procedural rules since previous edition eg vide L.N. 175 of 2015, L.N. 3 of 2016

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