Sunday, September 23, 2018

Congratulations to Dr Odysseas Repousis and Mr. Gary Meggitt on their RPG Thesis Awards

Congratulations to Dr Odysseas Repousis and Mr. Gary Meggitt who have been awarded the University's 2016-2017 Li Ka Shing Prizes endorsed by the HKU Board of Graduate Studies.
     The Li Ka Shing Prizes were established when the Hong Kong tycoon Dr Li Ka Shing made a generous donation to the University in 1990 under the stipulation of awarding six theses, four of which are PhD and two of which are MPhil annually in and after 2005-06.
     Dr Repousis' awarded PhD thesis, "The rise of multilateral investment treaties and the development of customary international investment law", was written under the supervision of Dr James Fry.
   Mr Meggitt's awarded MPhil thesis, "Mediation and ADR Privilege – the Existing Law and Potential Reforms" was written under the supervision of Ms. Janice Brabyn.
     Only one other HKU Law graduate has been awarded the Li Ka Shing Prize (Dr PY Lo, 2010-11), while four students have received the Outstanding Research Postgraduate Student Award (Dr Maria Carrai and Dr Han Zhu, 2015-16; Dr Clement Chen, 2012-13; Dr Robert Morris, 2006-7).

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