Friday, January 7, 2022

New Issue of Hong Kong Law Journal (Vol. 51, Part 3 of 2021)

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Rick Glofcheski
Associate Editor: Professor Albert Chen
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell


Interpreting Provisions Ousting the Courts’ Supervisory Jurisdiction over Election Candidacy Decisions Thomas Yeon and Trevor T. W. Wan …829

Lord Millett in Hong Kong    The Honourable William Gummow NPJ…845 

Assessing Capacity for Lifetime and Testamentary Dispositions Lusina Ho…853

Discrimination against Defendants with Disabilities in the Hong Kong Criminal Justice System: Unfitness to Plead Rules, the Insanity Defence and Disposition Orders Jane Richards…875

The Conceptual Barrier to Comparative Study and International Harmonisation of Data Protection Law Li Yang and Min Yan…917

The Surrender of Fugitive Offenders Between Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau: Relevance of the Political Offence Exception? Yanhong Yin…951

Regulating Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Through a Lens of Inclusivity James Marson, Jill Dickinson and Katy Ferris…983

China Law
COVID-19 Litigation and China’s Sovereign Immunity Zheng Tang and Zhengxin Huo…1013

Chinese Special Confiscation Procedure: Rules, Implementation and Problems Shiling Xiao…1041

China’s Cooperative Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage in the South China Sea  Ran Guo…1075

Reassessing Warranty in the Marine Insurance Contract under Chinese Law Haifan Yang and Ling Zhu…1107

The Evolution of Guanxi Dynamics in the Chinese Legal System: A Perspective of Career Mobility Yuqing Feng and Qing Xu…1131

Guanxi in the Chinese Non-profit Sector and its Interaction with the Newly Reformed Chinese Legal System Ruoqi Li…1155

Qing Judicial Reasoning at the Appellate Level (Part II) Geoffrey MacCormack…1183

Book Review
Proportionality in Asia Shiling Xiao…1211

Review Article
Championing Constitutionalism in Difficult Times: The Enduring Works of Professor Albert HY Chen Carole J. Petersen…1217

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