Monday, March 14, 2022

Zhao Yun on The Singapore Mediation Convention: A version of the New York Convention for Mediation? (J of Private Int'l Law)

"The Singapore mediation convention: A version of the New York convention for mediation?"
Zhao Yun
Journal of Private International Law
Published on 20 January 2022
Abstract: Settlement agreements have traditionally been enforced as binding contracts under national rules, a situation considered less than ideal for the promotion of mediation. Drawing on the experience of the 1958 New York Convention on international arbitration, the 2019 Singapore Mediation Convention provides for the enforcement of settlement agreements in international commercial disputes. Based on its provisions and the characteristics and procedures of mediation, this article discusses the impact of the Singapore Mediation Convention on the promotion of mediation and its acceptance by the international community. It is argued that the achievements of the New York Convention do not necessarily promise the same success for the Singapore Mediation Convention.

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