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AIIFL Newsletter: Issue 8 (May 2022)

 AIIFL Newsletter: Issue 8 - May 2022

Wednesday, 22 June 2022, 3:00 – 4:00 PM Hong Kong Time via ZOOM
The Future of Tax Jurisdiction
Professor Miranda Stewart, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne
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Forming Transnational Dispute Settlement Norms: Soft Law and the Role of UNCITRAL's Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific
Shahla Ali

Financial Data Governance: The Datafication of Finance, the Rise of Open Banking and the End of the Data Centralization Paradigm
Douglas W. Arner, Giuliano G. Castellano and Eriks K. Selga

Before Blockchain and Why it Matters (in English and Chinese)
Syren Johnstone

Blockchain as a Disruptor of Securities Regulation (in English and Chinese)
Syren Johnstone

Judging the Party: Public Law Wrongs and Private Law Remedies
Hualing Fu and Xianchu Zhang

Chapter 14: Bankruptcy Law in China
Company Law in Hong Kong – Insolvency 2022
Xianchu Zhang

NFT: 元宇宙中分布式数字认证是炒作, 还是希望? (in Chinese)
(NFT: Hypes and Hopes of Distributed Digital Certifications in the Metaverse)
Stefano Beghi and Giuliano G. Castellano

The Emergence of Financial Data Governance (Oxford Business Law Blog)
Douglas W. Arner, Giuliano G. Castellano and Eriks K. Selga

  • As part of the General Research Fund project “Creating Credit: Law Reforms, Policy Tensions, and Disruptive Technologies”, Dr Giuliano G. Castellano (Principal Investigator) has spent a semester as Visiting Scholar at Columbia Law School in New York from January to June 2022. During this period, Dr Castellano focuses on the notions of systemic disturbances in the context of credit markets.
  •  Professor Douglas Arner participated in the 14th Annual G-24/AFI Policymakers' Roundtable at the 2021 International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank Group (WBG) Spring Meetings held virtually on 26 April 2022 Watch HERE
  • The UNIDROIT Factoring Model Law Working Group met on 16-18 May 2022 to continue its work on the development of international standards to facilitate access to credit via receivable financing and supply-chain finance. Dr GiulianoG. Castellano is one of the international experts appointed by the UNIDROIT Secretariat. More information on UNIDROIT Factoring Model Law Working Group can be found HERE.
Book Talk: Hong Kong Competition Law - Comparative and Theoretical Perspectives
(28 April 2022)

Understanding the Momentous Mainland-Hong Kong Cross-Border Insolvency Arrangement (21 April 2022)

Blockchain Asset Registries-Freeing Crypto from Mania (12 April 2022)

Protecting Policy Holders’ Interests in Health Insurance (31 March 2022)

Peter Willoughby Memorial Lecture: China’s Rising (and the United States’ Declining) Influence on Global Tax Governance? Some Observations (3 March 2022)

Book Talk: Regulating the Crypto Economy - Business Transformations and Financialisation (24 February 2022)

Book Talk: Reforming Antitrust (24 February 2022)

Creating Equitable Tax Systems: Challenges Posed by Financial Markets (17 February 2022)

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