Friday, June 24, 2022

Three HKU Law Scholars Profiled in HKU Bulletin (May 2022)

The latest HKU Bulletin magazine (May 2022, Vol. 23, No. 2) features the accomplishments of several Faculty of Law colleagues: Dr Angela Zhang (Research, pp 28/29), Professor He Xin (Research, pp 30/31), and Dr Haochen Sun (Books, pp 44/45). 

For years, the Chinese government treated technology companies with kid gloves, encouraging them to get on the innovating and making money,  But in 2020, that changed.  Dr Angela Hueyue Zhang has been looking into the factors motivating the new hard-line regulation of techonlogy in Mainland China ...
'China's volatile style of policymaking is deeply ingrained in its authoritarian governance system, where regulatory authorities need to adhere to central policy initiatives and administrative power is subject to few institutional constraints.'  
~ Dr Angela Huyue Zhang
Dr Zhang also recently had a book published by Oxford University Press on the wide-ranging issues involved in China’s regulatory regime, Chinese Antitrust Exceptionalism: How the rise of China challenges global regulation.

"Men Win Out in Divorce in China"
Professor He Xin's research shows that a combination of institutional constraints on Chinese judges, traditional values about gender, and income inequality frequently result in divorce decisions that are more favourable to men than women.

'The judges follow strictly the law and the instructions of the Supreme People’s Court and they think their decisions are neutral. But they are ignoring the underlying socioeconomic inequality between the two genders, which affects the outcomes.'

           ~ Professor He Xin 

Divorce in China: Institutional Constraints and Gendered Outcomes was published by NYU Press in 2021.

Access to COVID-19 vaccines, broadband connections and other beneficial technologies should be a human right, argues legal scholar Dr Haochen Sun in a new book.
'Technology has become the major driver of our economic, cultural and political life. We have to talk about access to technology as a human right so that everybody can benefit and we can prevent serious harm caused by improper application of the technology.'

          ~ Dr Haochen Sun

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